Saturday, June 09, 2007

Philmont--Day 9

Day 8, July 7
We wake up at 5:30 AM but of course no one would get up. Danny fell by the latrine, it was pretty funny. We left Ute Meadows at like 8:50 AM and started to hike towards Head of Dean. We made pretty good time and had time to chill. Played Risk & stuff. Saw a mule deer at Ute when we woke up this morning and it was like 10 feet away from our tents. Danny and J.C. pwned at Risk. Overall today was a pretty easy day. Campfire tonight and challenge course tomorrow at 8AM.

Deer at Ute Meadows

Me on the trail to Head of Dean.

We got bored and put Danny's Therma Rest up a tree.

Danny couldn't find his Therma Rest...until he looked up. So
naturally, he had to climb the tree to get it down.

Postcard-esque view from the Head of Dean staff cabin.

Campfire with both crews.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Philmont--Day 8

Day 8, July 6
Got up at 6 AM, tried to wake the others up and went to get the bear bags down. The sick crew member wasn't feeling good again when we got back so we let him get better. Ate breakfast and finally headed for Mount Baldy at 9:15 AM. The hike to Baldy Town was pretty easy and we made it in 45 minutes. We stopped for 10 minutes in Baldy Town and then started the hard part of the hike. The first part had a lot of switchbacks so it was pretty easy but the second part was just a bunch of slopes and it was extremely hard. The trail became even harder once we passed the timberline. This part of the trail was at least 60 degrees straight up and it was terribly taxing on all of us. We finally summited the top of Mount Baldy around 1:10 PM. Ate lunch up top and took a bunch of pictures. The view was far reaching and beautiful. There was snow too, took kind of long to get back. Jamie slipped in mud and a guy from the summit was hurt. We ate oranges and got the food from Baldy town commissary. There was no showers at Ute Meadows camp. Oh well.

The trail up to Mount Baldy

(if you click on it you can see people hiking up the trail)

More Pictures from Mt. Baldy:


Philmont--Day 7

Day 7, July 5
We tried to wake up at 5:30 AM but we got up at 6 AM because I slept past my alarm. One of the crew members was sick so we waited for him to get better. As soon as he was feeling better we left with our sister crew and started to hike with them. Their burro, Elmer (like the glue--heh), was tight but they went fast. We eventually split up at the Well of Baldy Skyline camp and the other crew went to Miranda while we went to Ute Meadows. Gorgeous sights and rainclouds. Got to Ute Meadows acround 5:30 PM set up at campsite 2 (kinda bad but we made it work). The view from the latrine was gorgeous (ironic huh).


Philmont--Day 6

Day 6, July 4
Woke up around 5:30 AM to take nice hot shower but my shower head spewed water everywhere, so all of my clothes got wet, which really sucked because it was like 50-60 degrees outside. Ate the chuckwagon breakfast which was pretty good. Packed up gear/tents and picked up food, branded some stuff (like my wallet) and got some root beer. We were supposed to pick up a burro but we arrived to late so we had the choice o taking one or not--we chose not. We probably hiked 6 miles today, most of it uphill but we stopped too many times so it took longer. Got to Pueblano and the staffer tried to trick us into thinking it was another camp but he failed. Put tents up and ate dinner. Campfire was interesting but it got pretty cold, pretty fast. Star are awesome out here but so is sleep. Happy 4th of July, no fireworks for us.